Montage Engineering has been servicing its customer base for the past 22 years. 
Our commitment to serving customers continues to be the primary focus as it has been from day one.

A wide variety of services are available for Power, Pulp & Paper Mills, Chemical, Gas and Refinery industries.

What separates Montage Engineering  from the competition? Our mobility. Time lost, is money lost. 
We eliminate down time, thereby eliminating wasted money.

Power manufacturing processes include miles of piping and numerous components which convey petrochemical feedstock’s, water, steam, and intermediate and final products.

Emissions from equipment leaks occur in the form of gases or liquids that escape to the atmosphere through many types of connection points (e.g., flanges, threaded fittings, etc.) or through the moving parts of valves, pumps, compressors, pressure relief devices, and certain types of process equipment.

  • Valves are used to either restrict or allow the move­ment of fluids.
  • Valves come in numerous varieties and with the exception of connectors, are the most com­mon piece of process equipment in industry.
  • Leaks from valves usually occur at the stem or gland area of the valve body and are commonly caused by a failure of the valve packing or O-ring.